Monday, 29 April 2013

Wondering ; Pondering

I'm not good in introducing myself nor making an intro for this post in particular so I'll just go straight dead to the point.This may or may not interest you,so read with caution.First,let me ask you,what terrifies you the most? I mean REALLY terrifies you,something that will send you to the asylum just by thinking about it and not just like some fucking lizard or other pest.Is it death? Is it some people, psychopath? Or is it the world itself?

If you ask, why would someone be afraid of the world? I'd say why wouldn't they? You see, the content of the world is terrifying. Humans to be specific, are the most intelligent species that exist in this world yet the most destructive and nefarious species that ever lived. Human has long lost from its main purposes, which are to take care of each other, be good among us regardless with other human beings or with the flora and fauna. Somehow, human changed overtime. Something or somewhat made them change to a brutal, violent and indestructible from making any more destruction. Before you mocking me further more with this fucked up opinion of mine, let me elaborate. I asked myself the question why, why do they act like such? Money, power, attention(probably) and the greediness that lurking inside of them that had made a turning point from an ideal human being to a beast. Some say it’s evolution. Well, fuck that.

 If evolution by any means to destroy ecosystem just to sustain our existence, I staunchly against it. If not, do correct me. We have done much destruction to the Mother Nature which eventually will effects us in the future. I need not to say about it, you guys know it well enough what will happen if this prolong.

My friend once said to me that humans are alike parasites. That turned out to be true after all…an ugly truth. I've read an article from a local newspaper that there’s a group of people that have signed up for a mission to Mars. This is not just ordinary space traveling to Mars or Mars expedition. These people had sign up for the mission to live until they are dead at Mars. What a perfect way to die. I mean, what do these scientists and the people want to achieve with this mission? That we can live there even after apocalypse strikes Earth? Then, we can extend the human fucking race? Send some fucking human there, let them make love there and reproduce there. Voila! We make a new generation of Marsling. Seriously?

In this world alone, we have enough problems. Wouldn't it be more problems if we decide to go there? Will it solve the problems that we have now? Not just the Earth will be destroyed by us but also Mars. Thus, do yourself a favor and die when the time comes. Please don’t make yourself live longer as it may bring you more problems and burdens.


robo said...

Humans, we never will be satisfied with what we have and will always want more and more.

These destructions they've done are meant to help us but actually are a massive destructions to us too. How ironic.

Those people are genius in science but undeniably stupid (or maybe they are really smart, not wanting to risk their lives so they'd give something for those who go to the mars IF the expedition is a success-- which would be in a ratio of 9:1 *failure to success* maximum, I guess.)

By the name of "humanity", they are willing to sacrifice some "pests" for the sustainability of other pests who might as well be affected by whatever shits they are shitting.

When they die, send the bodies to Mars and let them be the ones to "live" there. hahahaha

Cool topic, by the way.

Dämon said...

agree with your points there...that mars expedition probably works as an alternative they assumed.but, i don't think it's a good solution.

might as well bring to galactic war with marsians.lulz.


diod pemancar cahaya said...

cool topics, cool vocabulary. i'm having a hard time to understand some of the words that i haven't read or heard before. so what if me make a section after finish doing post; about the high level vocabs contained in the post?

anyway, it's already stated in Qoran that yaumul Qiyammah is the end of the world. that means that fucking end of the world,for those who didn't know. i have no idea how do a lifetime stock of food and machine guns would help them to face apocalypse. heck. what i'm talking about. i'm drifting away from the topic haahaha!

let's save our world by not throwing rubbish everywhere you ant. keep your fucking candy wrapper in your cute little pocket. heaven yeah! love our nature! go go go!

robo said...

Yeah Damon sure has a wide range of vocab. and yet she denies the fact.

Hahah I remembered watching 2012, how can they even escape. pfft


Dämon said...

the movie would be damn great if they all die rather than gave the audience false hope.

no,i'm not good in grammar nor vocab...==

robo said...

yeah. They can fucking escape the cracking earth core with a fucking car. PLEASE BITCH, PLEASE. WTF

oh please--- pshhhh hahahahha

Dämon said...

yeah,that one is fucking insane....unacceptable.

hah,why even bother,it's just a movie.a fantasy.