Thursday, 28 March 2013


When everything isn't right,
the sound of the creaked door,
the sound of the turned tap.
What the fuck?
They aren't supposed to sound so fucked up.

The door sounds lower than I last heard,
and the tap sounds louder than I last heard.
What the fuck?
Do objects started to become humans?

I pull the door in the same pace,
and turn the tap with the same force.
They sound different.
What the fuck?
I swear I heard some excuses.

What the fuck is wrong with the door?
What the fuck is wrong with the tap?
Do they turn hypocritical, too?

Thursday, 21 March 2013

we need TITtle?

At sunrise we wake up,

Begin our endless journey.

We see, we hear, we silent

During the journey.

On the principle of ignorance we live.

We fall during the journey.

Some get up, some just keep on lying there.

We fall again and again

And we get up again and again every fucking time

That is what will make you stronger.

Cherish everything, remember every moment

No matter how sad and agony it is.

Because you only live once.

This is not another motivational words.

This is fucking reality you will face.

At sunset we return

Not to start another journey for tomorrow

Because our time has come

The chanting begin

It staring you in the face

And the light in your heart fades.