Thursday, 25 April 2013

#5 : crying like a baby

sup guys? are you having a good day? are you? are you? jyeah, it's always been a pleasure to hear that! stay calm and positive :)

so, like what i've said in previous post, you should have know that i don't really have talents to write stories or whatsoever; so i'm just gonna write about common things around us. 

lately around this week it's been quite a though time for me, so yeah. i'm kinda stressed out, and sometimes i run out off mood suddenly without no signs. no, it's not PMS. it's just that mood you have to face when you have to handle insane amount of things in just one week.

i'm not kinda person that can handle many things as simple as snapping your fingers and tadaa, move on to the next mission. no. i'm not that kinda person. i might say i'm a quite a bit slow person, not really slow, i always take my sweet times doing something. 
my average time taking bath is 30 minutes. don't ask me what i'm doing in my shower room. i'm thinking about my future, dude. come on. 
plus, i might have OCD because i always brush my teeth averagely twice, shampooing my hair averagely twice, and applying shower cream all over my body averagely twice.
and freaking yeah, that's how i'm working.   

that intro is way too long, i'm sorry. let's jump to the story. i'm gonna write about CRYING.
firstly, i'm wanna apologise to robo and damon, because this post kinda a little bit personal, it's just came across to my mind to write about this in english. 

so, i don't really likes to cry. it's like.. i don't cry. now that's a lie. 

it's been a long time i didn't cry, and now i feels like i wanna cry for some reasons but there ain't any reasons for me to cry. 

we've been indoctrinated by quotes around our timeline in twitter, in blogs, in facebook, tumblr, yada yada yada, that crying might helps to release stress.

ya, sometimes i do feels like i wanna cry, but i don't. it's like, my tears is stuck in my eyes, it won't come out. i only knew that i really have tears when i'm yawning, and my tears are running like crazy, like seriously. well, that's one of the facts that i hate to watch sad movies because when i'm yawning in between the movie they actually thought that i'm crying. 
no, i'm not. 

sometimes when i sleep, i really wish i'll cry all out in my dreams. it happens once, i have no idea what that dream was about, ended up i woke up; sobbing.

am i a freak?


robontotaikuning said...

I like your topics, since I couldn't figure what to write about when it comes to things around us kahkah.
Anyway, based on my understanding, I think you must be feeling somewhat emotionally exhausted and it feels kinda heavy that you wanna shit them out your system to feel a bit lighter. And by crying, is one of the methods. Some time ago I listened to the ustaz slot in the radio, he said "one way to reduce the weight in our heart, to get rid of stress, to be at ease, is to istighfar a lot. When we've free time, instead of dilly dallying, why don't we istighfar. Istighfar while we're waiting for the bus, istighfar while we're sitting around doing nothing. Syaitan didn't like it when we istighfar because when we do, with Allah's will our sins will be forgiven and we will, insyaAllah, be at peace and calm"
Sobbing when you wake up is completely normal, since I've seen someone cries in sleep for a couple of time. And we have feelings, y'know, even in dreams. Ain't it?
You might forgot what you dreamt of that's why you didn't know why were you sobbing when you woke up.

and welp, long arse comment is a pain in the arse.

phlegming blaze said...

i love your name robontotaikuning :D

it's just came acrossed my mind last night as i watch some vlogs on youtube.

yes awesome dude, you got me!

that's really a good advice to me, really. sometimes, me, myself, a muslim, can't remember to istighfar. what a bad me. thanks a lot for the "usrah". :D

really? you should record it! i wonder how i look lke when i'm sobbing while dreaming. i must look like a freak ogre. mehh

i don't even mind for the long comment. it's beneficial, anyway.
thanks a lot, again!

Dämon said...

i need not to say anything...yellow shits(pfft) has made the point clearly...

and you're not a freak.

robo said...

Shut up kahkah wth.