Monday, 29 April 2013

under the same umbrella ~

This is my first time posting story here. thanks to someone that can't wait to read my story since last forever. //ehem// anyway I'm sorry if there is any grammar mistake. well human do mistake right ? (︶︹︺) I hope you enjoy with my story. I'm sorry if its kinda bored, fluffy, romantic and make you want to puke rainbows (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

okay lemme introduce you (・∀・ ), the bitch face dude Kris Wu 

and breathing Barbie doll, Nana Im :D
 I ship them. kkk ~ and they were my main characters here :3

and here the cashier boy, Oh Sehun

p/s : I love k-pop ╮(─▽─)╭

so here it is.  Luhan said


 Nana was at the book store to find a new book to read. Nana smile when she find what have been she searching before. “ Finally. Found you. “ After that Nana head to the cashier to pay the books. “ so, you finish collect this series, Nana ? “ Sehun smiled at Nana. Nana and Sehun knew each other since he worked as a cashier there. And she was one of the loyal customer there.  Sometimes you guys hang out together but only as friend. Not more than that. Nana nodded. “ yeah ~ I have been waited for this one you know. “ Sehun rise his brows. “ you such a book worm Nana.” Nana  pouted cutely at him. He chuckled softly and handed the books at Nana. “ now. There you go. Have fun reading it. “ Nana nodded and bid good bye at him before heading out.
Sky looked cloudy and dark. “ oh no. it will be raining soon. “ Nana felt regret for not bringing umbrella with you this morning. “ what should I do now ? “ Nana text her parent to inform them that she will be home a bit late to make sure they not too worried about her. Rain already poured down. After a while, she gazed at the rain pouring, wetting the earth. She held out her hand and felt the rain. “ when will you stop, dear rain ? I want to go home. Or should I just go home now like this ? “ Without thinking twice, she just run in the rain without stop.
There a guy walking alone under umbrella. Suddenly, he felt a figure run thru him. His eyes widened look at the petite figure running in the rain. “ Is she okay ? “ he taught. He looked at the sky. Rain is getting hard now and he eyes drop at the figure back. Seen her getting slow and start to walk back. He quickened his step to her.
“ Hmm ~ it’s already wet now. “ Nana just walking and ignore the rain. Suddenly, she felt the rain stop drop at herself. Nana looked at the front and it still raining. Then she looked up and saw an umbrella above her. Nana looked at her side and saw a guy with smile on his face. She just blinked at him. “ I think you might need an umbrella. So, I’m willing to share with you. “ “ ohh ~ thanks. “ She smiled at him. “ I walked you home then. “ Nana nodded at him.
On their way home, there a lot of things she talked with him. “ so, you want to be writer one day ? “ she’s nodded. “ Because I love reading. It gave me inspiration to be a writer. “ the guy just nodded. “ I hope you can catch your dream. “ “thanks. Oh I think we already near to my house now. “ he look a bit disappointed when he heard that. Before Nana entered her house, she looked at him back. “ by the way, thanks. . . “ “ Kris “ he said with smiled. “ thank you Kris. “ “ no biggy. I just want to help “ she smiled back at him and went inside her house. Kris on his way to his house suddenly forgot about something. “ her name. I forget to ask her name. aish ~ Kris you stupid. “ Kris continue his step back.
It has have been a week after the day you met with Kris. Sometime, Nana felt like want to see him again. But she felt weird when she thought about it back.  There was she at the book store again to search for a new book. When Nana found what she wanted, Nana head to the cashier but instead she was bumped into someone. All the books that she held fell on the floor. “ I’m sorry I should look. . Kris ? “ he look at her with a smiled. “ hey ~ we meet again. “ he help Nana to pick all the books and hand at her back. “ what are you doing here ? “ “ well you see. . to find some book to read. “ Nana just made ‘o’ shape with her mouth. “ how about you ? “ “ ermm. . same with you. “ Nana flash him sweet smile. He rubbed his neck and look at Nana. “ is something wrong ? “ “ well. I’m wonder. . “ Nana titled her head and look at him. “ hmm ? “ Kris keep rubbed his neck because too nervous. “ your name. You haven’t told me your name yet. “ Suddenly she remember. Yes. She didn’t told him her name yet. “ I’m sorry. “ Kris looked straight into her eyes. “ for what ? “ “ for not telling you my name silly. by the way. “ Nana held her free hand out “ nice to meet you. My name is Nana Im “ She said with smiled. He chuckled softly at Nana and held her hand to shake. “ Nice to meet you too, Nana. I’m Kris Wu by the way. “ Both of you now laughing. “ wow ~ are you Chinese ? “ Kris nodded. “ no wonder “ Both of you went to the cashier to pay the books. “ Hana ~ there will be new books arrived next week. You might not missed it, okay ? “ Sehun winked at you. You smiled and nodded at him. After that you went out from the shop with Kris. Nana frowned when she looked at the sky. “ again ? I forgot to bring my umbrella again. “ Kris chuckled. “ it’s okay. I bring mine. “ She chuckled softly. “ you are my life saver, Kris. “ both you start to walked home.
While walking home, Kris kept stole a glance at Nana. She noticed it. “ is there something on my face, Kris ? “ Kris smiled. “ I notice something on your face. “ Nana touched her face. “ what is it ? “ Kris chuckled softly then leaned on. “ you are so pretty, you know that ? “ he flash Nana a sweet smile that make her blush. Nana puffed and held her cheek. ‘ oh my god ~ my face burning now. ‘ Kris chuckled and then both of you continue walked home. When arrived at Nana’s house, she thanked him and wanted to get inside her house. “ Nana ~ “ she look at Kris back. He came near her. Nana’s heart pounding in each step that he did. “ By any chance, can we meet again after this ? “ now, Nana felt her heart racing again. Nana just smiled and nodded at him. He smiled in relief. Again Nana want to get in the house but Kris pulled her back. She was shocked when she felt his lips on her. ‘ He. . he kiss me. ‘ Nana close her eyes as she kiss him back. He broke the kiss and rested his forehead on her. Nana can felt his hot breath on her face. Slowly she opened her eyes. She was breathless because his face was so close to her. “ I love you. “ her knees become weak when heard that word out from his lips. “ I love you, Nana. “  Nana closed her eyes back and her nose touched with him. “ I love you too “ Kris smiled. He hugged her. “ you want to know something ? “ Nana look up at him. “ actually, I already notice you before. “ “ you mean ? “ he held her hand. “ yeah. Reading books at the book store. Walk home alone. “ Nana widened her eyes. “ so, you stalked me ? “ Nana try to tease him. His eyes widened and shook his hand. “ No. it just. . Yeah. You know. I was too shy to approach you. “ He rubbed his neck. She let out soft chuckle at him. “ But. Now. . “ He wrapped his hand around Nana’s wrist and leaned into her ear. “ I got you in my hand “ He whispered with his husky voice. Slowly Nana pushed him. He looked at her with worry face. Nana looked at him with sweet smile. “ How about meeting with my parent ? They will be pleasure to meet you. “


robo said...

Auhh- shoot, this is so fluffy o.o hahahahaha but I don't really care about the genre :p

Seriously though, ones shall not just freaking kiss the girl he barely know xD or he would be smacked ngahahahaha

Welcome to the phlegming! The first non-dark post here whoohoo :p
keep posting, yeah?

HappyVirus said...

gaahhh ! I knew it .___.

I'll try to post angst story next time.I'm still working with that psycho story xD

robo said...

Kakaka but it's cool that you posted it though :p

Haa that story you told me before? Cool! am waiting--- xD

HappyVirus said...

haha yes !

I think I wanna use Jung Daehyun this time.

keep waiting I'll post soon xD

Dämon said...

such a lovely post to have should do more of this,y'know to release some stress and let go of the dark side of the world.*pfft dark side...* =="

p/s:make it more explicit if you don't mind.

diod pemancar cahaya said...

hiya HappyVirus!

awh.. this story is so awww-ing. i'd love to read this kinda genre post!

i'm not good in writing short stories, but i can make some comments about your pronouns, such as; using you instead of her. it's not really a big problem, you can handle it, anyway.

it escalated too quickly. i'm kinda waiting for the prolonged to this story, or maybe you can use new character, maybe from runningman, because i fucking love runningman, but i'm not a kpopper. ahaks.

agreed with robo, and agreed with damon.

keep writing! greetings from me, diod!

robo said...

Hahahah! undoubtedly we have dark brains. dafuq.

hah yaa I forgot to point out the pronouns mistakes diod mentioned, I think you missed it while editing :p

HappyVirus said...

woah..thank you :'D

If that so, I'll post more fluffy story after this. hoho ~ I'm not really good with angst or horror story thingy tbh >.<

but I would love to try something new like writing angst, horror, killer or psycho genre

nvm, I'll fixed everything after this :)

all your comment inspire me to write more. Thank you *^^*

Dämon said...

hahaha...yup do more! a fucking twist would be epic too...

glad that we inspired you.