Monday, 1 April 2013

Damn Joke

He cursed out loud. The growling horns, stationary traffic since half an hour before and the air conditioner he barely feel-- all enough for him to just lose his mind and rant all the week about it.
He had been repeating the "f" word while punching the steering wheel and at some time he punched the horn, long and loud. He didn't know what happened ahead of the stuck cars, but he wanted whateverthefuck it was to be cleared fast-- he had his own shits to handle at the moment, he questioned why must this happen today, rather specifically, at that moment. He needed to be by his wife's side during the labour; he didn't want to miss it and let his dearest wife to face it alone, he promised her.

The traffic started to move, slow but it wasn't enough. And he, on the other hand, wasn't so stupid to left his car in the middle of the road as most people did in movies. His phone was already dead before he was stuck in the traffic jam, which added the spice; making his sweat pores to produce countless sweat in every second and every breath he took.
He felt useless-- he didn't want this one promise to be broken as the other promises he made before but it seemed that the world was against him. Was it karma? He had never believed in it, neither he had thought of it before. If so, what did I do? He devoted himself to his piling projects and paperwork. It was to give her a better life-- though he didn't see much progress in their economy. That made him worked even harder, came home even later and losing his temper even faster. He had once hit her-- and he didn't even notice; it happened too fast.
What a damn joke. My life, that is.


Slow thumps of footsteps echoed in the hallway. A man drenched in sweat, looking as worried as ever, walked real fast. He felt his heart beated faster than his steps, so he walked faster, as if he was racing his own heartbeats.

"Doctor! How's my wife and the baby?"
"She had several complications, as you acknowledged that when you last checked; there were risks."
No. I didn't know that...
"How are my wife and my baby doing, then?"
"They are fine... You may see them."

He pulled the door, hard and fast. He expected his beautiful wife holding their beautiful baby. She might be upset a bit so he took a deep breath-- only to see a pool of blood, dead machines and dead bodies.

"April fool! HAHAHAHA!"

That was when he fell to the ground.


diod said...

lmfao i don't get any clue that the ending is gonna be an april fool.

oh wait.
today is april 1 isn't it, lol

awesome post! i like to read the actual situation that the man was in. i can feel that i'm the character in this story. i don't read a lot of english material, but this one is really cool. tokono den. haahaha

robo said...

kahkah the idea randomly came to me, so I just type and type and didn't notice that it was this short pfft. hahahah

Yeah hah people had been warning about celebrating april fool.
posting this doesn't mean that I'm celebrating, right? =.=

-_- fuhh I tried real hard last night so that the character and the situation don't seem fake wakakaka

Dämon said...

the heck....this kind of jokes...=="

great joke if done in real life though.hahaha

this is sick dude,do more.

Robo said...

Kahkah makasih