Tuesday, 21 January 2014


It's been too long,far too long.Haven't been properly taking care of myself.It's all going to be waste anyway.
Just how much time left?All these is starting to crumble on my feet.It's unbearable.Ain't got no one to hold on this time.Why need one?

How does it feel to lie down here?Can I?Will you let me do so?Is it hurt?Why aren't you speaking to me?
Hah,too much questions eh?Look,it's another one.

This will over soon,any last word?Wait,there is no one here will hear it,remember.No one. It's ok,soon I will be reunited.Reunited? With who?

No voice,no mouth,tongue...don't even mention it.Why me?Why they created me?oh god.God...my god is a human.I'm just an experiment.Or another.Cylindrical tube filled with nutritious element for my crippled body.

I'm dysfunctional.They just keep on staring at my crippled naked body.Doing nothing as one by one of my body crumbling.It is already come to their senses that it is a failure.No,they won't help,they won't even care,they won't even...fix.Hah,what a joke.


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live a life like a clone.