Saturday, 9 November 2013


It's been long since i wrote a delicate post,my English and grammar level dropped dramatically nowadays.And here i am again, ranting shits that are happening around me while i'm hibernating.

A few weeks ago,i've read about kettles...nope,it's not an ordinary kettle you might find in shops at the electrical appliances section.It was 'Made in China'(which didn't surprise me), which contains some sort of microchip that can transmit information.Sooo totally Kettle!pfft,sorry for my bad joke.This kettle will spy on you,literally know what you've been up to,what you usually surf on the net,maybe.I don't have that many knowledge on what it's capable of but its certainly using your wifi to work.If i accidentally bought this kettle,brought it home,use it to make some really awesome tea with maybe some danish cookies to dip in the tea with and probably some scones blablabla....i can be certain that the Chinese will die from boredom as i got nothing interesting for them,just by seating in front of my laptop,atomizing the comment section just to piss off some bitches.Nah,i won't do that,i'm a coward,all i can do is just write your name in my Death Note even if i don't know your real name.

What i want to project here is that there's no more privacy if that is what you're looking for in this materialistic world.It had never existed.The human nature is just like that.For example,if you open a restaurant and it went on  gorgeously well until another
badass restaurant opens next to you and it happens to be splendidly more successful than yours are.Damnation! You must be wondering what the heck did they serve there that can be better than your ultimate pizza with candy topping.So,what will you do?You would probably hire someone to check on them and that,amigo, is called spying.Or let's just take some other simple example,you're currently surfing the net and reading this awesome blog,but while you and i were doing that,the Big Bro has already tracked you. They violated your privacy when you're having fun,watching pornography with so-called undetected surfing.It is said that,they have to do it to track any possible terrorist/extremist.(i'm sure there's plenty more,however who am i to judge).You mad, bro?Are you mad they tracked you down?But,what can we possibly do to stop them?Seriously,i'm asking you right now.

Well,we'll put that matter aside for now.

All this privacy thing reminded me of an article/post that i read not very long ago but already forgotten where i've read it (pfft,brain) where it had posed about the Stasi.You guys should probably know enough about it.Dated back in the 1960s until late 80s,a humongous wall had separated Berlin into the East and the West.So,it's like this Stasi rule in the East.They checked every civilian for any possible rebellion and keeps every information about that particular person like what they do at night etc by using informants. The informants could be anyone,friends or even family.But,in the article i read about the Stasi,it proposed a very different perspective which captivated me.This particular spying activity had dated way back, even before the Stasi,so i'm pretty sure there's a lot of usage of intelligence.

There's so many mysteries yet to be unfold...but some are just meant to be kept buried behind the thick concrete wall,45 feet under.

Well,anyway i hope you dear readers,live your life with a smile...

danke lunatichoco95~


robo said...

man, you made everything sounds like a conspiracy against the humanity or something. hahahah

cool post nonetheless, yo.

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pizza with candy topping nyum nyum. cool post!