Wednesday, 18 September 2013

D-2: 30 days poem game

Day 2- Who was the last person you texted? Write a five line poem to that person.

*comment your poem down there


robo said...

my sister.

if i were to draw you an empty wall,
i would kick the walls to leave footprints,
then i would splash paints over it,
because in life, you'd be kicked over and over like the wall,
but don't ever forget to start back again, colourfully.

Dämon said...

ups and downs you went through
high and low always in your journey
just to make a little piece of puzzle
fit in the space of society and be useful
how i dream to be mettlesome as you.

robo said...

damn i envy your poetic vocab and all

Dämon said...

it's nothing dude...=="
i'm the one who should be envy of you...

yuki said...

Sweat trickling down his cheeks
with pained expression he treads
the long,winding road
just to feed his brats
the burden he carries
weighs more than it seems
how noble is his deed

diod pemancar cahaya said...

my babe, shana.

that was 5 years ago- the moment she was saying "hi" to me--
destroys all of the hatred
the hatreds that comes; with the only two reason
she was so lovely
..and we use the same bag to school :D

Dämon said...

great poems by everyone....i really like them all...

and obviously people don't really just text with their enemy/someone their hate and write a poem about it which i was kinda expecting from someone to write...lulz