Monday, 16 September 2013

D-1: 30 days poem game

rotten smell of nothingness i never did sense,
obscure thin lines i never did see,
bridge that was dying i never did care,
or the faded smile on your face i never did notice.

Day 1- Write a poem where each line starts with a letter from your first name (an acrostic). It can be about anything, but it should not be about you or your name.

*anyone can join the game


Dämon said...

this is cool!wait,is it like a game?hahaha

robo said...

hah i got it somewhere from the internet
a game it is, if you want it to be. kakaka

Anonymous said...

Hey,guys...umm,Damon invited me to play the poem game,so yeah,here goes nothing...btw, I'm Yuki


Yelling at the cruel fate,
Unraveling the rage deep within,
Knowing that he could do nothing,
In this never-ending nightmare he cried

Sorry if it sucks *runs away*

Dämon said...

Dictatorship in democracy
Annihilate the opposes
March to the enlightenment
Overall chaos in humanity
New world order of thee

robo said...

hallo yuki! welcome, welcome.
that is not bad at all man. cool picturisation of a nightmare yo-
you can post here in the blog too, if you want. just ask that damon for the email and password.

yo damon, deep as always man.
keep that cool style of yours.