Sunday, 18 August 2013

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Hectic as usual and now it's holiday (pfft!).I've got an urge to write this post because someone just ask me about this subject.Still wondering why she asked me when there's still many other people that are better than me.Basically,she just asked a question regarding studies and need some advice on it.That is the main purpose of this post,sharing some thought on education.

Most of us has ambition,right?that's good because you can focus what you want to do with your life (unlike me).Thus, i want to share some thoughts on how important it is to plan for your future.

What to consider when choosing or planning for your future is passion.Yes,i admit it's cliche as hell but it's fact.Since the dawn of mankind,this is what will people tell you every single fucking time.If you guys got a problem like i-have-no-idea-what-i-like-and-i-don't-fucking-care, like me,you can just choose (at least) something that doesn't make you feel miserable while doing it (but not recommended).From my experience,during my days in secondary school i'm an absolute idiot in Biology but fate has been drawn, i got a course that is major in Biology.I don't want to change for another course without even trying,giving up is for losers and i don't want to be one.So,with my average self-esteem i gave it a try.And yup,i'm still struggling with all those new things bung into my 15 centimeters brain.However,the knowledge obtained is priceless and worthwhile.So,it's simple as that.

Are you one of the people that really loves money than actual human being?Well then,welcome to the club.This is one of the purpose for you to study,higher education means higher possibilities of getting a job with a damn high salary.Ouh,you guys want to work and don't want to get that shit education with a corrupt system?Sure you can but this means you have to struggle more than people who has a qualification such as degree and they got a better position in a short period of time.However,this matter is more toward to subjective matter where i think it works both way.
Either you're the one that like to experience by working or you're the one that like to sit your ass down and read the damn books.All that matters when you're facing this kind of period is hard work.And who the hell said that study doesn't need to struggle with those damn assignments?!

I don't think that i need to be very specific and detailed on this matter,you all have brains,you have to use it occasionally like i do.(lulz).Think on what you want to do,plan for it well,execute the plan carefully,harness love in what you're doing (if necessary).Feel free to ask us anything regarding this subject,we will try our best to help you.DON'T forget to pray and seek the blessing from God.


robo said...

"I don't think that i need to be very specific and
detailed on this matter,you all have brains,you
have to use it occasionally like i do."

rofl at this part man. I just have to quote it hHahAhahahah

Dämon said...

hahaha...the heck dude.