Sunday, 24 May 2015


I think that this month is probably the most stressful month I have ever been through. I got stressed and fussed up over a small thing (not really small, but still). Most of the time I just run away from anything that may stress me up instead of facing it. Which is definitely not me.  I felt anxious most of the time. It felt like so many things going on that I can’t keep up (or sometimes people can’t keep up with me when I needed their cooperation.)
Even though I’m solving the problem one by one, it seems to me that this will never end.

Enough said of my rambling regarding my (not so) personal life.
Listening to From Dusk Till Dawn by Abingdon Boys School made me think and reflect (just from the title and not the lyric which I don’t really understand most of it, hahaha) on what I had done for the rest of the day and how fortunate I am to be living in this life with just only some small issues in my life to be concern unlike some of the unfortunate ones that deal with the matter of life and death every single day.
Recently, (or not, it happened for a long time ago, but began to peak up recently), the notorious human trafficking of the Rohingya ethnic that deserved the help and concern from the vast more fortunate human beings. And to those that lend their hands for the sake of humanity, no matter in what form it might be, the world is grateful for there are such people as you guys. Only God that can return the favour.
Not only that, for the people that help the unfortunate of the Nepali that was struck by a catastrophic earthquake that had killed and injured many, you have helped rebuild the world and hopefully into a better and brighter future.

Keep the faith and keep on believing that the world will change into a better place if we all just play our part and be together especially in this time of hardship.


Anonymous said...

nice sharing, nice thought, thank you, bless you!

phlegming blaze said...

Thank you to you too.