Sunday, 11 May 2014

Look, Dee.

To the dearest friend of mine,
of ours.

To say "I understand",
or "that is not right",
or "you should do this";
it is absurd.
I am not on your shoes,
never have, either.

I am no good,
at comforting,
at listening.
(of course there is a but)
I am quite a fuss;
so here I am,
trying to remind you,
my precious and special friend,
Love is not always about the touches on our skins, but hearts.
Love is not always shown, but felt.
Love is not always about saying, but remembering.

Don't look out the window,
shut the sights down;
their loves are theirs.

And yours is yours.
Look inside the walls,
that separates you and the world.
Look deeper in those eyes,
those eyes that has watched over you,
for all your life,
in such love you can't interpret.
Look deeper, my friend,
Look deeper.

You feel it,
don't you?
I know you do.
You have always been.
You have always known that,
haven't you,
my friend?

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