Wednesday, 12 March 2014

through the tiniest hole

I'm waiting for something I'm unsure of

While facing the white piece of paper with obnoxious blank ink
Drinking from the cold can
Chomping the aggravating snack
Getting annoyed at the babel of noises and yells of crazed "bees"

But I'm still waiting
Neglecting the should-be-first thing

Listen to the thoughts in my head
It is just like the babel
I'm confused with the news and theories

I'll just be waiting right here
Or there
Or anywhere

I'm waiting
I'll be waiting
We'll be waiting

We're just as lost
But we're going to be waiting

Waiting for the news
Good news
Bad news
Just any news

He knows
He listens
He decides

What else would you need other than Him The Almighty?

Prayers to MH370


Dämon said...

let's all pray for their safety return.

diod pemancar cahaya said...

Ameen. i can't believe the news, still. it's just.. i need evidence to prove that the people inside the plane were already gone. since there are no body was founded yet, i guess there's still hope to find them. my heart says that there are still alive.

may Allah eases everything.

diod pemancar cahaya said...

"there are no body was founded yet"

/.\ pardon for my grammar