Monday, 14 October 2013


“ Yeah love which is ineffable
I really wanna talk to you right now
This is my obsession ”

She’s so beautiful
Like an angel that fell from heaven
I even afraid to approached her
But seeing other guys near her
I really don’t like it. No. I hate it !
She’s mine. All mine !

“Hey Daehyun ! Let’s go to the café before we run out all the foods “


Her laughed
 It is so addicted
Tell me that I’m weird but I don’t mind listen to it every night before sleep
But, seeing her laughing because of others guy made me want to slay them alive
Damn it !

“ Hello~ Earth to Jung Daehyun “ Daehyun blink his eyes and look at his bestfriend, Youngjae. Clueless.
“ What the hell man ! I was talking to you but you were out of your mind and totally ignored me ! “ Daehyun bit his lips and hold a tight grip of fork that he held
“ I’m sorry “ Youngjae let out the soft sighed “ What is wrong with you ? You acting kinda weird this lately “
What is wrong with me ? I don’t know either

That beautiful long hair
Long and wavy
I’m dying to touch it
It’s beautiful
Yeah beautiful
Just like her
Her beautiful smile
That form by her thin lips
Her cute nose
Her eye smile
She so perfect
No. too perfect
I know everything about her
Her hobbies
Her favourite foods
Her favourite drinks
Her favourite colour
She love when people touch her hair
She love books
Where she lives
She own 2 cats at home
Almost everything about her

“ Mr.Jung please meet me at  the office after class “

Damn. Now what ?

/teacher’s office/

“ Mr. Jung, I want to ask you a favour. Can you be Ms. Kim tutor for maths ? She’s failed on current test so I think she needed your help since yours are the highest in the class. “

Kim ? Kim Hana ?

“ K-Kim ? “
“ Ah yes. Kim Hana “

Hana. Yes Kim Hana. Her name is Kim Hana. The one that catch my attention. The one that I don’t want to share with others and have her for my own. The one that I madly in love to.

“ Can you help me, Mr. Jung ? “
“ Yes sure “

This is it

“ Jung Daehyun ! “

That voice. That small voice

Oh god. She looked so cute with those rose pink shades creeping on her cute round cheeks

“ Uh umm.. Mrs. Park said that you will be my tutor for maths so.. when can we start ? “
“ When you want to start ? “
“ Oh are you free today ? if you don’t mind, can we start today ? “ Daehyun smiled at her
“ Sure. I’ll wait for you at school gate. Okay ? “ Hana beamed cutely at him.

Here is she
In my room
Doing what I gave her just now
I don’t understand
How can she still look cute while doing this crappy maths thingy
I can’t stop myself from looking at her
The way she will bite her lips when she confused
Her frowned
Oh God why there such a perfect girl like her in this world

“ Urm Daehyun. A little help here ? “
“ Oh I’m sorry “

The sounds of phone ringing echoed the room. It’s Hana’s. Daehyun don’t like the look of Hana’s face when she saw the caller ID. Hana excuse herself to answer the phone.

Who the hell is that ? I’m sure that person going to pay for this.

Hana returned with a smile on her face. Surely Daehyun love that smile. But he hated the fact that the smile was made by someone else. Not him

“ Daehyun can we continue this again tomorrow ? I need to go now. I have something to do “
“ Just go “ Hana was startled by his sudden coldness
“ Uhmm see you tomorrow ? “
Daehyun didn’t even bother to look at her. Hana bit her lips and wondered what she had done to him. After a bow, she exited Daehyun’s house with a feeling slight guilty.

The next day, Hana was found that Daehyun didn’t come to school.

“ Is he still mad at me ? “

In the small room deemed with light from small bulb, there was Byun Baekhyun. Tie up. On the chair.


The boy just chuckled. Looking at helpless Baekhyun tried to escaped himself

“ There no use if you keep struggling. You going to end up hurting yourself instead “
“ I’m gonna report to police once I was out from here “

The boys can help but laughed

“ I’m sorry but they going to find your death body instead “

After past few day, finally I’m back to school. With a smile on my face, most of student who saw me give a weird look. What ? is it wrong for me to smile. Oh and there a news about Byun Baekhyun was found death. Wow that was fast than I thought

Daehyun suddenly stop his step and look at the familiar figure who standing in front of her locker.


Hana closed her locker and heading to her next class but suddenly she stop when she saw Daehyun

“ Daehyun… “

Both of them were sitting on the bench under the tree at their school yard. It was so peaceful there. Because both of them were so quite it only bird sound can be heard.

“ I’m sorry about last time. I shouldn’t acting rude toward you “
Hana held a tight grip on her book.
“ it’s okay. I don’t mind at all “
Daehyun looked at Hana who look like she wanted to cry
“ H-Hey.. are you okay ? “
“ Baek-Baekhyun.. “

Damn. Out of all problem in this world how can you still thinking about Baekhyun

“ I’m so sorry about him. I just know today “

Hana shocked her head still smiling.

“ it’s okay. It’s not your fault though “

Daehyun smirked

Actually it’s was me, sweetheart

“ Can I.. “
“ Hmm ? “
“ Can I stay over at your place today ? “

Daehyun look at her. Shocked with her requested

“ It’s okay if you do- “
“ No ! No. Of course you can “

I don’t know what’s into Hana today but she’s acting kinda weird. Whatever I don’t care about that because now she’s going to be mine since Baekhyun already died.
Yes. Baekhyun is Hana’s boyfriend. How did I know ? Remember when she left my house after she got phone call from someone ? that’s Baekhyun. I followed her after she left my house. Just get to see her hugging with that Byun Bacon. As I said that she’s mine and no one can have her only me !

“ Hey you want something to drink ? “
“ Hot chocolate please “

Hana decide to check on Daehyun’s apartment while waiting for Daehyun to make a drink for them. Since she didn’t got a chance to look around last time. His place was indeed neat for a guy like him. All the furniture was place nicely and there a few pictures were hanging on the wall.

So he lived on his own all this time.

Hana notice a weird room near by the window. She had an urge to enter the room but she had a bad feeling about it. Without thinking plenty times she turned the door knob. The room was dark and maybe small. She reached the switch to turn on the lights.

Oh my God. What is this…

The room was full of her picture. She didn’t even know when was the pictures taken and she keep wondering where did Daehyun got this picture.

“ you shouldn’t be here. “

Hana was startled by his voice. She slowly turned around to meet his gaze.

“ H-how ? “

Daehyun smirked and take a few stepped to Hana.
“ no ! don’t come near me you freak “

Freak ? !

Daehyun keep his step toward Hana and gripped her wrist tightly.

“ No. don’t hurt me “
“ How can I hurt you while I love you so much, hmm ? “

Daehyun hugged Hana. He felt her body trembling. Because of him. Maybe. He pulled away and cupped her face.

“ Open your eyes please “

He whipped Hana’s tear from her cheeks

“ Please “
Slowly, Hana open her eyes. She looked straight into Daehyun’s eyes.

“ You killed Baekhyun, right ? “



He gripped Hana’s shoulder and shook her as he said

“ But you can’t change the fate that he love me too, Daehyun. “
“ Yes I can ! that’s why I killed him “ he chuckled while sobbing
“ I love you Hana. I will do anything to make you love me. “
“ This is not love Daehyun. This is obsession. You don’t know what is love. “  

You are my obsession Cause all of my confession

“ I’m sorry Daehyun but I can’t love you back “

Daehyun stood up and left Hana there.

I have a bad feeling about this. I should leave now

As she exited the room, there Daehyun stood in front of the door. Her eyes drop at the sight of Daehyun’s hand.

“ No Daehyun don’t “
“ I’m sorry Hana. I’m sorry. I don’t want anybody to love you except me “
Hana run to a random room to hide herself.  

“ Why did you hide from me Hana ? I thought we are friends “

“ I wouldn’t do anything that unpleased you “

“ please I’m begging you “

Hell no. I’m over if I do

“ Kim Hana please “

Suddenly, the phone rang. Youngjae’s name was on display.

Shot. What now ?


The phone was taken by Daehyun.

“ Hello?! Hana,are you there?  What did you say ? ”
“ Hey, Youngjae. It’s Daehyun. What’s up? ”
“ What did you do to Hana? ”
“ I’m just practice my acting for the upcoming cultural festival. That’s all, nothing more, nothing less ”
“ Cultural festival ? Whe- “

Daehyun throw Hana’s phone away and he look at Hana that tried to escape herself.

“ I’m sorry baby but I already locked the door “

Hana look back at Daehyun. Looking helpless.

“ Please Daehyun. Let me go. Please I’m begging you “
“ NO ! “

You are my obsession

This is my obsession

“ I’m sorry but I have to do this “

Without thinking twice, Daehyun stabbed Hana. Blood started to dripping from the knife. Hana looked down at the knife and then back to Daehyun. Tears rolled down wetting her flushed cheeks.

“ Dae-Daehyun. Why ? “
“ Because I want your heart. Because this is my obsession. “

Obsession. This is all because of obsession.

“ Love equal obsession, obsession equal love “


It's being a long time isn't ? hihi. I tried my best to write angst story and here the result.
I hope you guys enjoy it ! 

I just made this cutie pie the killer in this story

gif and picture cr to the owner 


robo said...

what the fuck.
his obsession is her heart.
idk man.

her heart.


i half expected him to uhhh lock her up in a room or something. you know, like she's his possession and he's gonna keep her.


but it turns out he stabs her and what, cut her heart out?



and yo, if you post this in asianfanfics, you'd get a wider range of readers man. just saying though.

HappyVirus (o´ω`o) said...

I'm writing while crying because I'm afraid it will turn out being ridiculous


urghhh yeah I found this kinda mind fucked isn't ?

I was thought about that too. post it at asianfanfic. uhmm yeah uhmm I'm gonna post it there too =w= hihi

Dämon said...

sweet...i like this very much...mohahaha!