Monday, 17 June 2013

Hey Stellar's materials.

This is posted by referring to this:

The title, Hey Stellar, gives a literal meaning of “Hey star”. I thought of that as a title as it was connected to the meaning of the whole post (which I'm not mentioning it here, perhaps).

I’m not telling the theme or the thing behind the post, you can all interpret it in any way you’d like to.
Anyway, I'm going to give some hints (lol bajet)

As I mentioned before, Stellar gives star as the meaning, so Stellar is one of the stars in the sky. While green is the Earth.

By posting this, I leave it to you to run your imagination and come up with your own view of the post.

(I might post things like this again for the posts that I posted hahaha)


diod pemancar cahaya said...

halo, i'm stellar.

who's who?

robo said...

haloo stellar, gimme some twinkle