Wednesday, 13 February 2013

#1 : problems

hiya! what's up? how was your day? does everything was going fine?
no? what's wrong with that frown and your suicide mood? ow snap! okay, take a deep breath. i'm gonna ask you a question. 


yes, you do. me too. everybody else too.
what ever problem you're having right now, it is a part of our life. people won't stop doing mistakes, until one day they found the key to-hide-from-mistakes.
there is no key-to-hide-from-mistakes, indeed.
we ought to do mistakes to learn from it. it is a human problems, when we are not that motivated to learn from mistakes. 
from mistakes, there comes "the problems".
some of us will do anything to run away from problems. listen here, there is no "unsolved-problems" in this world. there must have some way to solve it. problems are something that we create on our own, then we should find the way to solve it. we have to widen our view, ask for other's opinion, and the most important is; try to listen to other's advises (if you are that kind of person yo-stop-telling-me-what-to-do-i-know-what-i'm-doing). 

dude, listen. it's not cool. you're having problems and you need  someone to listen to your problems. you are taking their time, and some cases, you're dragging them in your mood, too. it's kind of sad, when the person is trying to give advises and to calm you down, you starts to get mad at them because you think that person didn't face the same problems with you. you never know what is that-listening-ears-problems, their problems might be worse than you, you'll never know. 

use the right to think before speak up. people nowadays are too much getting indoctrinated with "easy too forget, not to forgive". i know it's hard, but fuck that off. you have to try and start forgiving people. come on, it's not worth it to live with hatred and revenge. in the end, you'll get nothing other than sins and lamenting your own mistakes for living in revenge and hatred.

you have no choice rather than face your problems with all of your "cakura" power that you get from Naruto. on how to solve your problems, the only, and the cliche answer is : 
be positive. if you are a positive person, stay positive.
with positive mind, you'll get everything get all done perfectly. 
with positive mind, you'll see everything with different perspective. 
get your mind positive, before solving any problems. 

awh, what's wrong with that frown? come on :( i'm getting tired to write this article for you, gimme a sweet smile, please? yeah that's good :D
keep this in mind, we have only 24-hours a day; you take about 14-hours-gorilla's-sleeping-time, and you only left 10 hours for doing chores. you see, 24 hours ain't enough for a day. tell me only one fucking good reason why are you get too carried away with those suicide feelings and emotion? 

if it's from your boyfriends-girlfriends problems, maybe it's time for you to appreciate people around you. you don't beg for love and attention from your special boyfriend/special girlfriend, right? you have to nail this is mind, that person who won't leave you and be with you through thick and thin are your family and your bestbabes/bestdudes. not your stupid irritating boyfriends/girlfriends.

if it's from family's problem, you should find your trusted bestbabes/bestdudes to listen up to your problems. don't forget to pray, pray to Allah/god that you'll be more stronger to face everyday problems.

if you think that music makes everything less painful, then go on. do anything that can make your mind quite relieved before facing the next challenge. to Muslims, if you are able to recite or read Qoran, please do so. it is a great damnification if you didn't do so because some of us don't even now how to read Qoran, and they have been struggling to read it.

chin up dudes and babes, always bear in mind, there will be other person who are not lucky as we are right now. our big problems to them is just a small pieces to build their life. be grateful to anything that we have and face right know, because Allah/god has arranged the best for us. Allah/god have already reward us with Hidayah and Iman, open our mind and take it and our life will be a bless.

you know, YOLO.

it is a long post, i know. thank you robo for trigger me up to write an english post. may Allah bless you, Ameen..!

p/s : ..and thank you too mr. google translator for helping me out to translate english-malay words. big applause to you. yeay!


robo said...

Cool =3=
Woah indoctrinate... cool big word.
This post is cool. too cool

Dämon said...

nice...long but very informative...
looking forward to see more from you guys...mohahaha

diod said...

hehe. it's just popped up in my mind . i used to use this word in my bahasa melayu essay.

arigato gozaimas robo-san! \O/

diod said...

arigato gozaimas damon-san.

we're waiting for you, too. moahaha

robo said...

and the word in Bm is? -.-
fuhh dou itashimashite :P

robo said...

yeah (agreed with Damon)
yeah (agreed with diod)